• Innovation

    from Seth Godin

    Innovation relies on guts, because anything innovative you try might not work.

    Innovation also relies on generosity, because guts without seeking to make things better is merely hustle. It's not about hustle anymore. That was last Century. There is nothing to sell anymore because anything that already is known about or exists does not work. It all leads to extinction of life on planet Earth. What is required now is raw invention.


    The innovator shows up with something she knows might not work (pause for a second, and contrast that with everyone else, who has been trained to show up with a proven, verified, approved, deniable answer that will get them an A on the test).


    If failure is not an option, then, most of the time, neither is success.


    It’s pretty common for someone to claim that they’re innovative when actually, all they are is popular, profitable or successful. Nothing wrong with that. But it’s not innovative.


    Allow generosity to take the lead and you’ll probably discover that it’s easier to find the guts to innovate right off the edge of the map.


    It just needs to be the right map...

  • Experiment ___: Verbal Reality Touching

    Here is an experiment for making use of experiential reality. It has to do with the way you touch, especially when you are touching your partner.

    The next time you are with your partner ask them for a moment of stillness. Tell them that you want to do an experiment. Ask them if you can touch them. If they say yes, then reach over and touch their skin the way you have always touched their skin. That is to say, touch their skin in verbal reality. A touch performed in verbal reality stops at the surface of the object because you are touching a known object. You know the name and the form of the thing you are touching, a hand for example, a cheek, or an arm. That thing you touch is an object with a surface where it starts and stops, and that is obviously where you are touching the object: on its surface. This is touch in verbal reality – we touch to confirm what we already know.

    Now take your hand away and shift into experiential reality. Shift out of your head into all four bodies. Shift out of concept into experience. It can help if you slowly, delicately rub the tips of your fingers together and feel only that sensation. This helps to shift out of your Box’s ongoing stories into the tiniest moment of a wordless minimized now. Then, without knowing what it is that you are touching, slowly reach over and “touch all the way through” the skin of your partner so that wherever you are touching them you are touching the whole of them all at the same time. Your touch is making deep contact. Avoid using images of bones, muscles, blood and veins. Visualizing images only wakens the mind again. Instead, do not know what you touch, only that you are “touching through,” touching wholeness, touching being, touching the one you love. You may notice that you touch your partner with a field of touching even before you make physical contact with their skin. And when you do touch their skin your touch no longer stops there. By touching the hand or the cheek you are touching everywhere in them all at the same time. You may notice that your touch is firmer than usual and strokes less. Then imagine hugging all the way through instead of only at the surface. Then move slowly and try it. This is called “touching through,” a different kind of touching that you do through experiential reality.